Friday, 15 February 2013

Foals - Holy Fire

Holy Fire, Foals

It's all about this Album right now ! Holy Fire By Foals! Incredible, I've loved Foals for a good few years and I totally love how they've never strayed away from there individual sound, there quirky yet original! I for one totally love there sound! I don't have a favourite off the album yet, but I'm sure once iv'e listened to it enough times there will be the one song to stand out from the rest! 

This album is going to be one in my ears for a very long time to say the least anyway! I'd personally class it as a feel good/reminiscent  album, and I have a strong feeling if you like the rest of Foals music, Holy Fire is not going to dissapoint you either!

Has anyone else listened to this album yet / what are your thoughts? Also any favourite songs off the album?

Ben Howard

Literally pretty much lost for words with the above video! It's my favourite Ben Howard song by far! I do love his whole album to be fair, but 'Black Flies' by far sticks out for me, I love it!
He's voice sounds so perfect in every way, literally can't fault it!
Probably a very pointless review as I literally have nothing critical to say!
So Enough about me banging on about how perfect Ben Howard's voice is! Hope you enjoy the video above!